A bestiary of Chainspace

The Wen

Sapient Group Space-Faring No Home Planet Common

Shambling and slovenly creatures chasing after impossible dreams. The Wen are found across Chainspace stumbling from one place to another in order to gather precious resources that they hope will take them to the moon…

What are the Wen?

They were once the regular people of the universe, living mundane but comfortable lives before their ambitions were ripped from them by a deadly and debilitating memetic virus known as the Wen curse. The virus attacks a person’s subconscious, infecting it with frivolous thoughts and ideas, turning them into debased souls that lose all sense of their free will and serve only the ambitions of the Wen Curse. They devolve into near-mindless creatures who are obsessed with reaching the moon.

What do the Wen look like?

Any species can become infected and a sea of Wen is often filled with unique individuals, however, there are some telltale signs that distinguish them from others. First is the headgear that they wear, their heads are covered by a large augmented reality device that impairs their vision and hearing. This headgear is often given to them by the Wen Lords who use the devices as tools to control and direct them to the next opportunity. They are also slovenly creatures, akin to zombies, that stumble about semi-mindlessly in their desires for wish-fulfillment. Most of all though, a Wen can be easily separated from any other by the phrase they constantly utter over and over again under their breath: “Wen. Moon?”

What do the Wen want?

They want to reach the moon, although what the moon actually is and how they could reach it is something that even the Wen don’t know themselves — a consequence of being driven by a mind-infecting virus. They are commanded by the Wen Lords, who are creatures that have managed to partly overcome the Wen Curse and claw back parts of their consciousness. Although the Wen Lords still serve the whims of the virus and its ambitions, they can make decisions for themselves and even command lesser Wen to follow their orders. They see lower Wen as collateral damage when it comes to chasing their dreams and those same Wen come to rely on the lords for guidance and information.

The Wen collect resources, as much as they can from wherever the Wen Lords direct them. Alone, a single Wen is no real danger, but together they can form an impressive horde that can overwhelm even the greatest of combatants. The Wen don’t feel pain or emotion, their drive is only on the next opportunity and they’ll do anything to get it. The resources they gather vary in nature, but are often valuable commodities of Chainspace and are, more often than that, things that are trending amongst the space-faring citizens.

They’ve also been known to have a bordering obsession on fashioning cardboard lambos, also referred to as Wen Lambos, which are crudely crafted vehicles that allow them to maneuver their way about Chainspace.

Where did the Wen Curse come from?

It is believed though that the curse originated from somewhere deep within the Shadowchain and was perhaps even created to serve some higher but currently unknown purpose?

What else is known about the Wen?

The Wen Lords aren’t the only masters that have been known to hold the short leash of a Wen. Some other nefarious groups in Chainspace have figured out how to hack the frequencies of their headgear in order to indoctrinate them into new goals. Without a constant flow of information and promise, a Wen can become catatonic, or worse, violently uncontrollable. They’ve become an asset to some groups who use them as cannon fodder against their enemies.