A mechanical plague that seeks to centralize and control all of Chainspace

A centralizing force is sweeping across Chainspace..

A monstrous, floating god so enormous that the fire of suns is extinguished in its shadow, and planets break apart on contact. It has grown so large its now embedded into its own throne and incapable of moving on its own.

The C.Z.A.R. sends its agents and automatons out across Chainspace to in support of its singular mission: to centralize the function of all Chainspace under its direct control.

The CZ Control Unit is at the core of the C.Z.A.R, a centralizing force and the nemesis of the Unigod.

Both are Sentient Code Functions created by Vitalik to fix a flaw in the EVM design that caused a persistent imbalance in Chainspace’s level of de/centralization.


Origin Sentient Code
Faction C.Z.A.R.
Type God
Bonded Vitalik
Friendly N/A
Hostile Everyone
Snapshot https://snapshot.org/#/czar.storymode.eth/



Part 1 - Catalyst

A Degenerator Squad hunting for wayward nocoiners stumbles across the CZ Control Unit and mistakes it for unclaimed loot, beaming it into their cargo hold. Crowded around the cache, they open it only to be consumed..

Ability DeFiler Possesses an uncanny ability to weed out and exploit smart contract vulnerabilities, or even inject them with malicious code prior to their deployment
Trait Split Personality Home to multiple hosts, the C.Z.A.R. suffers from split personality as each one fights for supremecy and ultimate control within the CZ Control Unit’s “mind”. Can Cause the C.Z.A.R. to become inactive, fight against itself, or - in a worst case - fragment.
Vote: https://snapshot.org/#/czar.storymode.eth/proposal/QmPmotoZ43ugsLCZ24aGgaUoN7vhWpXAAEY9ouFNWs7R1V

Part 2 - Conflict

Coming Soon.