The Unigod is a nebulous, cloud-like deity in constant flux, shifting and swapping from one moment to the next.

A Sentient Code Function, created by Vitalik the Vyper-God

The Unigod is a decentralizing force. A nebulous, cloud-like deity composed of the Mempool’s water vapor. It exists in constant flux, shifting and swapping from one moment to the next.


Faction Sentient Code, Uniswap
Type God
Bonded Vitalik
Friendly Hashmonk Radicals
Hostile C.Z.A.R.
Snapshot https://snapshot.org/#/unigod.storymode.eth/



The Unigod was executed into being when the C.Z.A.R’s attempts to colonize the Mempool breached Centralization Limit C.

Effect Predisposed to indirect interventions in the world

As the C.Z.A.R. continued their intervention over the Mempool, they began creating their own Hashmonks by artificially mimicking the Hashmonk creation ritual - in which the Mempool’s sentient waters are given individual shape and form.

Aware of the plot through its omniscience over the Mempool’s waters, the Unigod chose to expose the C.Z.A.R’s actions to several Hashmonks when they were bonded to a Trancepool.

They successfully purge the corrupted Hashmonks, but divisions emerge. A radical faction emerges believing the C.Z.A.R threat is so great that it warrants breaking the Primary Vow (in which Hashmonks are forbidden to intervene in the flow of the Mempool). The Radicals refuse to compromise, breaking with the core Hashmonk Monastery and using their latent control over the Mempool to flood and consume The C.Z.A.R.

The C.Z.A.R presence is erradicted, but at the cost of a schism within the Hashmonks, who now exist as two distinct factions. How they will co-exist remains uncertain.

The balance of the Mempool’s flows are also weakened after the interventions, with the Hashmonks now forced to constantly rebalance it to avoid damaging the cycle.

Effect The Hashmonks splinter
Effect The Hashmonk Radicals emerge
Effect Mempool is weakened
Effect Unigod is neutral to Hashmonk Monastery
Effect Unigod is friendly with Hashmonk Radicals