Getting Started

Dive into the universe headfirst with this quick start on the lore!

Welcome to Chainspace…

Rattling spaceships sailing the cosmos. Strange and striking species searching for pills. Unexplored regions that house ancient secrets. An ageing universe on the brink of collapse. These elements of intrigue pave the way for stories told in Chainspace; a fictional universe inspired largely by things that are happening, will happen, and have happened in crypto culture. Chainspace is always evolving and developing with the addition of new lore and stories, but its objective always remains the same. To fictionalise crypto culture and use it to tell interesting and engaging stories for people both inside and outside of that space.

Starting at the very beginning, the universe was created in the wake of the Genesis Cube exploding. There is not much known about the Genesis Cube, like where it came from or what it does, but what is known is that it seeded life across Chainspace. It scattered a vast quantity of pills, known collectively as the Genesis Pills, throughout the universe. Each of these pills contains a universe of its own, some of them leaked and resulted in the creation of everything that exists in Chainspace; from its memes and memories to the god-chains upon which everything is built. From there the many species that inhabit Chainspace evolved and thrived, each one unique in their design and ambitions.

Chainspace is a universe full of god-chains that are the size of galaxies, each representing a single blockchain. Currently, most of the stories told in this universe take place on the Etherchain, a fictional representation of the Ethereum Blockchain. It contains numerous stories, species, planets, and curiosities which in some way mirror real-life events and projects happening on Ethereum. Most species living in the Etherchain have developed their own ways of traversing the immense cosmos from their own home worlds. Some use old but powerful spacecrafts forged from the technologies of fallen civilisations, while others simply teleport from one place to another with the use of exotic fruits. There are countless stories and exploits happening on this chain, but it is not the only place to explore.

Existing on the outermost edges of the Etherchain is the Outer Blocks, where new blocks are mined and created by the gargantuan blockworms to further expand Chainspace. Most see the Outer Blocks as a lawless wasteland, plagued by pirates and scoundrels of every kind. Others though, see it as a place of freedom, away from the constraints of civilisation where they can live without tradition or direction. In any case, it is a dangerous place and most only visit if it is necessary.

Outside of Chainspace itself, or more accurately existing side-by-side with the universe, there are also other planes of existence that can be visited with a great deal of effort. Right now, only two are known and they are the Mempool and the Shadowchain.

The Mempool is akin to a parallel reality where transactions within Chainspace wait to be selected and processed by the devoted Hashmonks, a species formed from the Mempool’s sentient waters to serve as guides to the many transactions of the chain. The Mempool is mostly a peaceful place, but many have taken that to mean that it’s ripe for exploitation.

The Shadowchain is the opposite; it is an immense void from which none return. Some see it as a fiendish place full of horrors, while others see it as more of a cosmic phenomenon. The Shadowchain is the inverse of the Etherchain — which is akin to a God-chain in its own right, and although not much is known about it, it is known that there are things living there that want to escape into Chainspace. Their motives are largely incomprehensible and have driven citizens of Chainspace insane trying to decipher them.

The formation of Chainspace happened many millions of blocks ago now, making it an ancient universe that has almost reached its end. On-chain heroes, like Andre, have foreseen its collapse and sought ways to stop it. One solution they’ve found is to go out and acquire each of the Genesis Pills and bring them together to create a new Genesis Cube by somehow priming them. By doing this and collecting as many of the memes, the memories, and the matter of the current universe as they can, they hope to build an arc that will survive Chainspace’s end. Whether they can succeed though remains to be seen. The knowledge on how to prime the Genesis Pills has been lost to the eons, and the universe is full of countless articles that need to be preserved.