Major Groups

The many factions littered across Chainspace


The eyes and ears of The Guardian of the Genesis Cube. Responsible for the manufacture of the potent EGODETH pills that allow them to exist mostly within The In-Between, searching for signals that can lead them to the Metamind.

Allies Pillhead, The Guardian
Enemies None

The Shadowpakt

A group guided by the Shadowpak, seeking to initiate and sustain The Cycle - a process to enable The Shadowpak to consume and corrupt its inverse entity, Pak.

Allies None
Enemies Pak

Mempool Pirates

A loose coalition of brigands. Known as the Mempool pirates for their focus on plundering the tokens contained in sensitive transactions.

Allies None
Enemies Everyone

Yield Clans

Run independently, but acting interdependently. The Yield Clans seek to maximize their yield through a mix of cooperation and competition. Each is run by a Yield Lord. They were once unified under the banner of Cron the Ape until its death.

Allies None
Enemies None

Memfruit Hive

A semi-sentient plant species. Memfruit spores are released into the world by a Memfruit Queen, which eventually grow into Common Memfruit. When a Common Memfruit is prepared and planted, it grows to form a portal that enables instantaneous travel between two points.

Memfruit is cultivated harmoniously by the Hashmonks of Mem, who use the fruit to create portals to and from the Mempool.

Allies Hashmonks of Mem
Enemies Mempool Pirates


The RATS are an artist-tribe based in the Outer Blocks, committed to the casual defiance of Chainspace’s commercial art culture. They are empowered by the act of swapping their art instead of selling it. They’re known for wearing their distinctive RATSkins during their underground Minting Ceremonies.

Allies The Outer Block Tribes
Enemies None