Hashmonks of Mem

A monastic order dedicated to preserving the Mempool's cycle and guiding transactions that appear there.

A monastic order dedicated to guiding transactions through the Mempool

The Hashmonks are a key element in the harmonious functioning of the Mempool. A monastic order dedicated to guiding pending transactions along the many rivers and tributaries of the mempool as they wait to be selected and integrated into an upcoming block.


Faction Hashmonks of Mem
Type Humanoid
Bound The Mempool
Friendly Memfruit Hive
Hostile C.Z.A.R.
Snapshot N/A


In essence, each Hashmonk is composed of the Mempool’s sentient waters. During the creation ritual, new Hashmonks are given shape and form and, ultimately, individuality. The Hashmonks can be thought of as the means by which the Mempool can communicate and interact with the wider world.


A monastic culture, the Hashmonks are bound to the Mempool and dedicated to preserving the Mempool’s delicate cycles and upholding their vows. Because each Hashmonk is made of the Mempool and is the Mempool itself, their devotion to their duties is singular.

The Vows

A collection of each commitments each Hashmonk makes when given shape and form. The Primary Vow - the most important in Hashmonk culture - demands no Hashmonk ever directly intervene in the flow and function of the Mempool, so as to ensure the balance of the cycle is preserved.


Special, self-contained rockpools used by the Hashmonks to rejevunate themselves and maintain their connection to the sentient waters of the Mempool. Trancepools can also transmit visions or intuitive insights, and are a central element in Hashmonk rituals.


When created, each Hashmonk embodies the total sum of memories that float within the Mempool. From this point onwards, their memories and experiences are contained within themselves until The Dissolution - the act of committing their bodies back into the collective waters of the Mempool.

Memfruit Cultivation

Memfruit are a semi-sentient species of fruit native to the Mempool and another key element in the Mempool cycle.

The Common Memfruit are cultivated by the Hashmonks and, when correctly activated, grow into portals that are the primary form of transportation in and out of the Mempool itself.



The exact origins of the Hashmonks are not known. Whether they have been a permanent element of the Mempool since its creation, or emerged spontaneously at some point is unknown.

The C.Z.A.R.’s Colonization

The C.Z.A.R.’s automatons appeared in the Mempool seeking to reshape and centralize the flow of some of the Mempool’s major rivers in order to gain greater access to the pending transactions that flowed through them.

Their incursion led to the emergence of the Unigod who revealed via a Trancepool vision the C.Z.A.R.’s successful plot to create “corrupted” Hashmonks under their control.

The Hashmonk Rift

The shock of the C.Z.A.R’s attempts to create and control them led to a rift within the Hashmonk Monastery. A faction emerged, arguing The Primary Vow be ignored in order to attack and remove the C.Z.A.R threat.

Unable to reach a consensus, these Hashmonk Radicals broke with the Monastery, and manipulated the Mempool’s waters to flood and overrun the C.Z.A.R’s forces. After the erradication of the C.Z.A.R. presence , a wave of uncertainty grows. For now, the Monastery and Radicals exist in an uneasy state of mutual apprehension.

The delicate cycle of the Mempool has been forever knocked off its axis. The implications will soon begin to appear.

Effect The C.Z.A.R. presence is eliminated
Effect The Hashmonks splinter
Effect The Hashmonk Radicals emerge
Effect Mempool is weakened
Effect Unigod is neutral to Hashmonk Monastery
Effect Unigod is friendly with Hashmonk Radicals