Pockets of life and novelty, strewn across the universe


The name for the universe at large, Chainspace contains everything there is and everything there is going to be. Within it are a great number of God-chains that are the size of galaxies, each one home to numerous civilizations and species that have evolved there. As a universe, there are infinite places to explore, from planets and suns to the long-dead ancient cultures that harbor some of Chainspace’s greatest secrets. Everything in Chainspace is interconnected, but it’s not always easy to get from one God-chain to another as they are great distances apart with nothing but dead space in-between them. This is where great discoveries can be made, and new dangers are often found.


One of Chainspace’s many God-chains and the current focus of stories set in the pills project. The Etherchain is based largely on the Ethereum Blockchain and contains many different references and parallels to real-life that have been reimagined in fiction. It is a vast space full of possibilities, there are hundreds of different planets circulating different suns, many of them not even realized yet. Many species that have evolved here on the Etherchain have developed intergalactic flight. Spacecrafts are quite commonly used as a way of traversing the chain and reaching other worlds. The Etherchain is also ancient, many fallen civilizations have been found by curiosity-driven explorers and their impressive technologies have been used to create some of the technology used today.

It is not a place without its troubles though. While many species spread a message of peace across the cosmos, bringing underdeveloped cultures new technologies and the promises of better tomorrows, the Etherchain is being ravaged by natural disasters. Every day it seems a new natural phenomenon threatens lives; the galactic quakes that can shake entire systems of planets, deadly roving gas clouds that move through the chain idly and wither everything they touch, and gargantuan seas that can extinguish suns and leave worlds in darkness. Most believe that these cosmic-occurring catastrophes are caused by the oncoming end of Chainspace itself, but most choose not to believe that.

Outer Blocks

At the farthest and most remote edges of Chainspace you can find the Outer Blocks, called that because of the millions of colossal cube-like structures that dot its edges, forming a wall around everything in the universe. These structures are built by the impressive blockworms, fascinating and large creatures that have frequently been found to be powerful foes against those that would try to harm them or their blocks. Not impossible to kill, but certainly not easy. They continue endlessly, crafting new blocks again and again, which in turn expands the universe. None are sure what motivates these creatures beyond being part of the celestial ecosystem that keeps Chainspace upright.

Although the Outer Blocks are largely uncivilized and uninhabited, many citizens of Chainspace have sought it out and live within the blocks and various spacecrafts that do exist there. Some see the Outer Blocks as a lawless place full of criminal activity, where devious back-alley deals are made, and nefarious ends are met. Others though, consider it to be a bastion of freedom, away from the structures and traditions of the Etherchain, where they can live free lives without restriction. In any case, surviving in the Outer Blocks isn’t an easy thing to do, it’s full of people barely struggling to get by with what little they have, and anything they do have is always considered ripe for the plucking by the many devious characters that dwell there.

The Genesis Cube

A pile of ruins at the center of Chainspace.


One of the many adjacent realities that sit alongside Chainspace, not a place within the universe itself but instead a place sitting just outside of it. The Mempool is a psychedelic fantasy bathed in pink and purple and yellow hues, where transactions wait to be selected and processed. Those that have seen it describe it as a vast forest filled with exotic fruits, and many large pools with winding rivers that flow on endlessly. Everything within the Mempool is born from the waters and each creature is given a specific purpose to serve this domain in different ways. Only the natives of the Mempool can stay inside of it for longer than a few moments though without wanting desperately to leave, its intoxicating imagery has been known to confuse the minds of non-natives and put them into a headache-inducing euphoria that clouds their judgement.

The Mempool is mostly populated by a species known as the Hashmonks, who are born from its waters to serve as the guides to the transactions in the pools. They are peaceful people that live tranquil lives, rarely straying far from their purpose. Most that have heard of the Mempool know about the Hashmonks and their traditions, and while some live in reverence of this dedicated group, there are those rare few that see their humble origins as a means of exploitation.


Home of all things burnt and burning, the Shadowchain is a domain of the darker things of the universe that wish to devour and destroy all matter Chainspace has to offer. Like the Mempool, the Shadowchain does not exist within Chainspace itself, it sits beneath it constantly trying to claw its way up. The Shadowchain is a dark unification of all the things that have been burnt in Chainspace, forming a makeshift landscape that is constantly withering and decaying. Within this plane, entropy occurs at a much faster rate, and although the creatures that dwell within it seem immune to its effects, they have become agents of that entropy. They live to devour and consume and burn matter, something that they want to do very desperately. The Shadowchain is the inverse of Chainspace and home to the dreaded 0x00; a creature akin to an eldritch god that seems to be a primary force in the Shadowchain’s nature. This chain has become infamous amongst spacefarers and others alike as a place nothing can return from; things that end up there very rarely come back.