Lorecrafter Notes

An archive of the Lorecrafter's weekly discussions


Group Developments & Discussion

Lorecrafter Introduction Guide

We largely went over in this hang the development of a lorecrafter guide that could serve as an introduction into how lore making works with pills and how people can get involved with lorecrafting/becoming a lorecrafter.

We Discussed:

— Ways to introduce new lorecrafters into developing the lore by providing prompts for flash fiction and active development.

— Allowing new lorecrafters to create their own little corners of the universe that might not necessarily connect to the rest of the lore at first, but could become grounded in the lore as the lorecrafter develops.

— That the document should impart the essentials of the universe to new lorecrafters (TIME, TRAVEL, TONE) and explain how the universe works. — That the document should provide samples of the lore that lorecrafters can develop, things that are ripe for multi-interpretation.

Lorecrafter Tools

We quickly went over the Lorecrafter Tools page on the storymode site and how it should be updated with the hackmd’s that have been created so far by the lorecrafting team.


We discussed the idea of an official canon in the universe. Things aren’t canon until they make it to the storymode site, before then they are seen as ‘in development’.

The Lorecrafter Council

We conversed at length abount how the lorecrafters could develop the group and bring in new members.

We Discussed:

— The idea that the current lorecrafters would meet together once a month to discuss the guild and come to a consensus on administrative tasks.

— The idea that lorecrafters should have access to World Anvil; a world-building site that would allow for a greater level of collaboration on the project.

— The idea of sponsored members, where new lorecrafters would only be allowed to join the guild if they were sponsored by a current lorecrafter.

— The idea that everyone is encouraged to contribute to and help build the lore, but the lorecrafters are the ones that can approve it. They can join the meetings and put across thoughts on how they think things should develop.


Group Developments & Discussion

Playtesting for D.E.R.P.S

The meeting opened up by asking for volunteers to help test and play through the first version of the D.E.R.P.S game system.

If anyone wants to get involved in playtesting D.E.R.P.S feel free to sign up here below so we know your availability. We’re looking to start playtesting next week, each session will last between 2-3 hours.

Meme Contest

We took a look at the entries for the first meme contest. The meme contest is a challenge where lorecrafters post their favourite memes and each try to translate the favourite ones into the lore. This week we discussed the SHRIGMA; both @D_D_ and @Eric Bal had some interesting entries!

— @D_D_ compared them to a virus and wrote a short piece of flash fiction that revolved around the idea of people becoming infected which will be translated onto the Stories from the Chain page on the storymode site.

— @Eric Bal compared them to a secretive military force which, in their words, only death could spot.

The Quadratic Crystal Quest

We briefly discussed @ZΞKΞ ‘s idea for the quadratic crystal quest, going over some already formed ideas so others could understand it in the chat.

Top-Page Quotes

@paleocybernetic introduced their idea for an hour-long cycling animation for pills-fm looking for lore contributions. It was suggested that we could use top-page quotes (quotes from fictional people in the universe about any lore topic) to offer insights into the lore. I’ve put a hackmd together for those interested in submitting some for pills.fm; you can find it below with a few examples:


hackmd references

It was suggested that all of the hackmd’s we’ve developed in the lorecrafter projects should be available in one place, it was mentioned that they were hard to find. These hackmds will be made available all together on the Lorecrafter Tools page on the storymode site just as soon as I’m able to get to it!

Planettica Encyclopaedia

The Planettica Encyclopaedia is still going on and welcoming new submissions! As of today we are on the letter Q. You can find all submission right here and rules for creating new entries right here - https://hackmd.io/@kd20/rkBvO-wXF

Next Week’s Discussion

Next week we’re going to be going over ideas for an introduction guide to new lorecrafters; how they can get involved and what they can do with the lore!

Message from Loremaster

Sorry I haven’t been more active in the chat guys, I’ve been involved in very heavy development of the D.E.R.P.S gameplay system and will probably continue to be heavily involved for at least the next few weeks. As such, I am unavailable for one to one meetings 😦


Group Developments & Discussion

The Zoo of Topheilia

The Zoo of Topheilia community collaboration project has now come to an end :partying_face: — very pleased to say that we had over 47 unique and interesting creatures submitted for the Topheil to watch over and protect. You can check out all of the submission right here before they make their way to the storymode site - https://hackmd.io/@kd20/B1JeC-tgY

Our next Collaborative Project

We discussed what our next collaborative project could be (similar to the Zoo of Topheilia) and agreed that the Etherchain needed some more worlds. Starting this week we’ll be creating new worlds each day beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet for people to explore!


We talked about what this group could potentially be in the lore!

We Discussed

— The idea that the Rats Collective/Syndicate/Commune could be a community of artists and creatives living in the Outer Blocks that go to great measures to create their art. They’re neither good nor bad, they just want to produce brilliant pieces. There’s no means too bold when it comes to creating art!

— that the RATS, despite being part of a large group, are extremely individualistic. They create their own clothes, have their own styles, and rarely collaborate with others. They come together, however, when one of their own is in trouble. They’re like a big family of artists. — In nature, they’re really punk in appearance and completely antidisestablishmentarianistic.

— The idea that they live in a massive ship (something ancient with lots of secrets) that has become a scrap heap, filled with an assortment of junk and pieces from ships that have drifted into the Outer Blocks. The ship itself has also been torn apart by the RATS for use in their art.

— Some ideas that the ship could have been perhaps a shield world of some kind that they’ve taken over.

— The idea that this ship could be called the SAFETY PIN

— They have debates with one another, which to them is a kind of sport.


We talked about translating Antebear into the universe after @0xStax pursued them.

We Discussed

— The idea that they could be represented as hyper-intelligent bear humanoids with exposed brains that have 20-20 hindsight of the universe (like a reverse prophecy).

— There’s a member of their society, an oracle/prophet type creature, that speaks in riddles and a cryptic language, and only these bears are able to understand them.

— They have advanced holographic technology.

— That there might be some confusion with the concept of oracles and the Pepel — although we did float around the idea that the oracle could be perceived in different ways by different species and societies.


Group Developments & Discussion

This is the last meeting in a series of lorecrafter meetings aimed at developing the core functionality of the pills universe in order to create a concise consistency between different lorecrafter contributions.


Before we started the lorecrafter session we discussed some of what we talked about in the previous week, mainly concerning the physical descriptions of THE SHADOWCHAIN, THE MEMPOOL, and THE OUTER BLOCKS. All of the WORKING THEORIES can be found in the Universe Fundamentals Document right here: https://hackmd.io/@kd20/rkl_uGlgK


In this final meeting about the fundamentals of the lore, we decided to go over everything we had discussed in the previous weeks and start finalising some of those ideas so they could be transferred to the storymode site and made into the official canon. The bulk of our discussions revolved around the Working Theories we’ve been developing.

Matter of the Universe

We agreed completely with this working theory.

Genre of Pills

We agreed completely with this working theory.


We agreed completely with this theory but had some ideas for development.

We Discussed

— The idea that that instead of time being based around a rotation of the centre of the universe, it’s instead based on the first block as it circulates the perimeter of the universe. In-lore, the reason why time between blocks can’t be measured accurately is because the universe is constantly expanding by means of the blockworms.


We agreed completely with this theory but had some ideas for development.

We Discussed

— The idea that we’re still missing a way of being able to traverse vast distances across space in a matter of moments (like the hyperdrive from Star Wars) and we discussed the idea of MEMBURN where synthetic fuel can be burnt to allow spacecraft to skip over space by going through the Mempool. This method is dangerous and costly though, as it could attract the Shadowchain and there’s an exorbitant cost to burn fuel.


We agreed completely with this theory but had some ideas for development.

We Discussed

— Calling the un-universe currency SYN because the name is highly adaptable and we could have different versions based on different types of synthetic fuel (Like SYN-G or SYN-D) and we agreed that it made sense given the context. Syn is short for Synthetic. Syn could also relate to Cinders (something that has been burnt). And finally, Syn could be seen as Sin, as the act of burning fuel is dangerous.

Physical Appearance

We agreed completely with this theory but had some ideas for development.

We Discussed

— The Mempool and the idea that blockworms are both bred and born in the Mempool and the the ‘block riders’ could be natives of the Mempool that are charged with the purpose of raising them.

Lorecrafter Hang #9 — August 31st

Group Development & Discussion

This is the fourth in a series of lorecrafter meetings aimed at developing the core functionality of the pills universe in order to create a concise consistency between different lorecrafter contributions.


Before we started the lorecrafter session, we quickly went over what was discussed in the last session; primarily the CURRENCY of the universe as well as some of the physical aspects of CHAINSPACE and THE OUTER BLOCKS. There’s still some debate about what to call our universal currency (which is derived from synthetic godblood) so it’ll probably be put up to a vote at some point in the near future — although SYB was a front runner! All of the WORKING THEORIES can be found in the Universe Fundamentals Document right here: https://hackmd.io/@kd20/rkl_uGlgK


We continued our discussion last week on the physical appearance of the various locations in the universe, so we can better visualise them for work on the contributions. This time around we had some after thoughts about the OUTER BLOCKS and developed some ideas for the SHADOWCHAIN and the MEMPOOL.


We Discussed:

— The idea that the blocks in the Outer Blocks are physical structures that are akin to spacestations (like the Death Star); Blockworms create these gargantuan structures before moving onto the next one in the chain. These blocks expand the universe and we came up with the idea that they form a gigantic circle around Chainspace and whenever a block is added it makes the universe a little bigger (it’s like fog of war in real-time strategy games and things can become uncovered beyond the blocks).

— We also discussed the various aspects of the Blockworms, agreeing mostly that they are near-indestructible and immortal creatures that are akin to dune worms and tarrasques. They are impossible to kill and they are uniform in their desires to continue building these blocks.


We Discussed

— We came to the consensus that it’s a dark place that consumes/burns things from Chainspace. Things that get sent there can’t escape and are eventually devoured (like the Phantom Zone from Superman). — The idea that the Shadowchain is kind of an amalgamation of everything that’s been sent there; kind of like a Land of the Lost mixed with the Upside Down from Stranger Things.

— The idea that the environment of the Shadowchain is corrosive and things that aren’t native to the Shadowchain end up either becoming a part of it or getting destroyed. There are things living there too, monstrous creatures that are formed by the corrosive environment that want to escape because they want to devour Chainspace matter. — The idea that we could build narratives around people that get stuck in the Shadowchain and need to escape (or carve out a life).

— The idea that the Shadowchain is a place where entropy happens faster, and the creatures there are the embodiment of entropy, so they don’t degrade themselves but their purpose is to break things down and consume it. That entropy is the antagonist.

— That there is still dust in the Shadowchain (leftover transactions that have some value) and people have to spend more gas than its worth to move them. So people could try to escape by making things appreciate in value before gas prices go up or by using negative gas.


We Discussed

— The idea that the Mempool appears like an acid trip. A large forest area with long rivers that are bathed in purple and yellow hues.

— The idea things that aren’t native to the Mempool become confused and turned around constantly, and others just can’t comprehend it. A non-native’s only desire is to get out of the Mempool and back to ‘reality’; they can’t stay there otherwise they become a part of it.

— That the Mempool could be like a waiting room (similar to the one from Beetlejuice) for transactions going up and down.

Lorecrafter Hang #8 — August 24th

Group Developments & Discussion

This is the third in a series of lorecrafter meetings aimed at developing the core functionality of the pills universe in order to create a concise consistency between different lorecrafter contributions.


We quickly discussed the WORKING THEORIES we had from the previous lorecrafter meeting, mostly concerning how the TIME of the pills universe works, as well as the functionality of TRAVEL. Both of these theories have been updated in the Universe Fundamentals Document, which can be found right here — https://hackmd.io/@kd20/rkl_uGlgK.


Most of our time this week revolved around discussions of the potential universal currency that is used in trades with space-faring species and how that currency has risen to be the mainstay of wealth in the pills universe.

We Discussed

— The idea that the currency was based on something that all space-faring species would have access to FUEL (known as GWEI). That the currency itself is a representation of how much fuel there is in the universe; not to say that you’re spending fuel, but that you’re spending currency that entitles you to a value of fuel.

— Developing the ideas we had last week regarding TRAVEL we suggested that there may be a circular nature to GWEI, as using up fuel sources would be the equivalent of wasting currency. So we came up with the idea that Blockworms feed on pure instances of GWEI and secrete a synthetic version of it which can be used in spacecrafts. These spacecrafts use the fuel and purify it, making it unusable for them but perfect for feeding to Blockworms, and round the cycle goes.

— We started discussing some ideas on what we could potentially call this currency, although the name is still up in the air. We came to an agreement that it should be derivative of Synthetic Godblood as that is what the currency is based on. Some names we came up with so far are: Syn, Synth, S-Blood, S.G.B, Syb, SYNG, SYN-G, SYN-GO


Another topic we managed to cover, albeit briefly, was the physical description of certain parts of the pills universe; namely the ETHERCHAIN and the OUTER BLOCKS.

We Discussed

— The idea that the Etherchain is best represented as a galaxy that contains numerous different planets and systems that both do and don’t host life. These planets have varying degrees of atmospheres, and most species venturing out into space need to find some way to make breathable air for themselves. We based the idea of how the physical universe looks on sci-fi franchises like Star Wars or the MCU.

— The idea that the Outer Blocks is a lawless place with very few hospitable planets, it’s akin to the wild west, with people getting by on very little and a large rate of criminal activity.


The Zoo of Topheilia, our lorecrafter contribution project, has reached its first week! We’re currently on the letter H and we’ve had 17 submissions so far! If anyone wants to get involved, please feel free, all you need to do is create a creature that’s suitable for the zoo, build it using our CREATURE template, and then post it in the lore channel to be submitted.

You can find the project and the submissions so far right here — https://hackmd.io/@kd20/B1JeC-tgY

Lorecrafter Hang #7 — August 17th

Group Developments & Discussion

This is the second of several lorecrafter meetings aimed at developing the core functionality of the pills universe in order to create a concise consistency between different lorecrafter contributions.


The Universe Fundamentals Document was updated with lorecrafter contributions last week (found here: https://hackmd.io/@kd20/rkl_uGlgK). The suggestions were condensed into an easily-read format and updated on the document, we went over these brief descriptions of SPACE and MATTER in the pills universe and agreed it had the right tone we were searching for.


Most of our discussion this week revolved around the nature of time in the pills universe, or to put it simply, how time functions and how time is kept.

We Discussed

— The idea that blocks could be functional in the same we utilise dates of the years, events could be documented on certain blocks and the natives of the pills universe could keep track of the date (in a similar vein to how we keep track of years) by acknowledging their place in the blockchain.

— the idea that there could be both a local time system for individuals worlds and a Universal Time System that the entire universe relies on. It was also suggested that this UTS would probably be based on the Pepel, as it is considered that they may be the first to have achieved space travel.

— the idea that it might be possible to go back to certain blocks and reset the universe from that point onwards (although there wasn’t a discussion as to how this would work as of yet); and that when this occurs it creates a branch from this universe to another directly parallel universe (kind of like Avengers: Endgame).

— another suggestion that Universal Time could be based more on the rotation of the galaxy around its centre (the remains of the Genesis Cube) and that this is measured across cultures as a definitive way to keep not local time, but universal time.


We had a brief discussion about how transportation could work in the pills universe, what fuel might look like and the various methods natives have for getting from one place to another.

We Discussed

— that the main mode of transportation in the pills universe is by galactic ships (spaceships) for those wishing to get from one planet to another.

— the idea that GWEI is a direct parallel to fuel in this universe for spaceships (there was a suggestion that the fuel (GWEI) should be completely unexplained and mysterious, and another that suggested the fuel could be more gaseous in form).

— another suggestion that GWEI could be formed of shards of quadratic crystals (or dust). Although there was some consensus that quadratic crystals might be becoming a one-size-fits-all for things in the universe.


@KD: Master of Lore has started a lorecrafter collaboration project for lorecrafters to get involved in. Everyday for the next month new creatures will be created for a large bestiary and maintained on the Zoo of Topheilia hackmd document (below). Each day represents a new letter, starting from the 18th of August with A and then continuing with a new letter every day after.

LINK — https://hackmd.io/@kd20/B1JeC-tgY

If people want to contribute, you can find a copy of the CREATURES template (in the pinned messages on the #✨lore channel) and upload submission in the lore channel.


The core document Pills Universe Fundamentals will be updated with the ideas and thoughts brought to the lorecrafter meeting in the upcoming week for lorecrafters to read and get a handle on. You can find a link to the document below:


Comments should be active, so feel free to leave thoughts on the document if you have any ideas

Lorecrafter Hang #6 — August 11th

Members Present

@KD: Master of Lore




@Brian Peace | everlong.eth (🦇,🔊)



Group Developments & Discussion

This is the first in several lorecrafter meetings aimed at developing the core functionality of the pills universe, creating a common ground and consistency that can form the foundation of all lorecrafter input.

At this stage the following ideas are potential canon while things are still being considered, but they provide a solid framework for continuing developments.


What is the universe is made of and how does it appear? We compared different kinds of universes and analysed what might be best for the pills universe.

We Discussed:

— The idea that everyone in the universe is a native of the universe after @Brian Peace | everlong.eth (🦇,🔊) suggested that avatars might be people from the real world given form and function in the pills universe. — The idea that the universe is a digital space with actual real universe roots. The exact term was flesh and blood bodies with digital souls. @D_D_ suggested that there could be a cycle of life and death in the universe based on the digital nature of crypto. — The idea that magic exists in the universe (magic by definition) and it could be a result of manipulating the base code of reality. There was also a suggestion by @0xStax that there could be creatures (like the Agents in the Matrix) that could naturally manipulate the code, creating magical creatures.


How the universe is defined and the space lorecrafters have to play with as a result. This is the formation of rules for the universe that can be bent under new/good ideas.

We Discussed

— That the there is no specific genre in this universe besides the generic Science Fiction tag; any sub-genre of science fiction can exist within pills.


The core document ‘Pills Universe Fundamentals’ will be updated with the ideas and thoughts brought to the lorecrafter meeting in the upcoming week for lorecrafters to read and get a handle on. You can find a link to the document below:


Lorecrafter Hang #3 — July 13th

Members Present

@KD @DD @0xNoFace @0xStax @Chrissu | ElasticDAO

Group Developments & Discussion

The 3,3 — @0xStax caught everyone up on what the 3,3 is and it’s inner workings. (no doubt, no fear, no questioning).

We discussed: — the potential of other gods besides just Z3US running the cult (called g0ds to avoid any confusion) and the general hierarchy of the group). — introducing covenants between members of the cult and these g0ds. In exchange for power, the members will seek out to expand the cult. — that the cult has to be sufficient, failing if it doesn’t garner more members, so we talked about the idea of other species (like the pepel) potentially defecting to the cult. — that the cult isn’t made up of one race, but multiple races, all working together.

Chainlink We very briefly went over some of @DD ‘s new ideas for the race.

We discussed — The developments being made to Aruiel Julian the Mouth of the Oracle and a priest of the Keepers of the Node. Including his new appearance, and the PEEPO device.

An unnamed species I introduced the idea of a new species based on the cat meme culture of the internet, describing them as cats in large mech suits who communicate through screens on their helmets that display emojis.

We discussed — It was suggested by @0xStax that the potential leader of this cat-species could be CL (sorry if I’m spelling that wrong) who’s often represented by a cat in a spacesuit.

ElasticDAO @Chrissu | ElasticDAO went over the basics of ElasticDao with everyone, explaining how it works and potentially how it can be represented in the lore.

We discussed — The appearance of the ElasticDAO (as jellyfish) and their potential underwater culture. — That they there may be a lovecraftian entity living beneath them.

Further Questions

In addition, the lorecrafters had the following questions they’d like to be clarified about the lore and the universe of PILLS from the meeting.

— Does Ethereum have a special name in the universe? — What are Quadratic Crystals, what do they do? Are they powerful artifacts? — Are there any other important resources that the lorecrafters should know about? — How does the physical universe itself look? Is it a universe of planets, a big singular plane, or a large plane with lots of planets around it? — Can we develop some guidelines on creating new species? We thought the amount of species were lacking, especially considering that most factions rely on other species to increase their membership. — How do factions and species interact?