Hashmonks of Mem

A monastic order dedicated to guiding transactions through the Mempool. In constant conflict with the Mempool Pirates. The Hashmonks cultivate the Memfruit necessary for matter to portal in and out of the Mempool, without which the system would collapse.

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| Allies Memfruit Hive  
  Enemies Mempool Pirates, C.Z.A.R.


Humanoid jelly creatures that possess remarkable souls. They journey across universes looking for ways to create a perfectly decentralized system. As they move from universe to universe, they collect more of their kind, each appearing slightly different depending on the universe they come from originally…

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| Species Type Universal Wanderers

The Pepel

An altruistic frog species dedicated to the survival of Chainspace by introducing advanced technology to primitive species in order to defend them against the very present dangers of the universe.

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| Species Type Advanced Species