The Pepel are an altruistic frog species dedicated to the survival of Chainspace by introducing advanced technology to primitive species in order to defend them against the very present dangers of the universe.


Humanoid amphibious frogs that stand at roughly 6 feet tall, often covered in a variety of technological advancements which they use in their altruistic mission of defending Chainspace.

In Pepel culture there are many different kinds of Pepel, some are space-farers and soldiers that venture out into the known universe, while others are more spiritual in nature, conversing with their ancestral spirits to gain answers to the most pressing questions that pervade their species.

Defining Traits

Apart from their frog-like appearance, the Pepel are usually defined by their altruistic nature. In comparison with other species, they are often the ones risking life and limb in the defence of others. They are one of the most advanced forms, technologically speaking, in Chainspace and their intelligence has yet to meet a problem it could not solve.


Pepel come from their homeworld of Pepolis, an ever-growing swamp on the surface that once was home to one of the great forerunner species. Beneath the wetlands lies a labyrinthian maze of tunnels that lead right to the world’s core; inside of them, ancient technology which the Pepel have brought back to life and used to advance their species far further than any other.


The Pepel Society is built upon a heroic system of governance; formed around those that have proven themselves to be heroic and truly altruistic. Within that society, there are groups that govern different aspects of Pepelian life, each led by a different set of Pepelian champions from their own efforts. Three of the key groups are outlined below, but more exist throughout Chainspace.

  • The Keepers of the Node are the church of the Pepel who have tasked themselves with the protection of their selfness federation. They mostly dwell on the Pepelian homeworld, defending it against any threats it may face and are instrumental in the guidance of their society. They closely follow the old traditions and their members are highly spiritual, believing in the strength of their ancestors and in the forerunners that called Pepolis home before them.

  • The L.I.N.K Marines are the military force of the Pepel, they develop and enhance the weaponry the Pepel use to keep the universe safe. If the Keepers are the mind and the will of the Pepel, the L.I.N.K Marines are the closed fist and often even-handed, both showing might against threats but consideration against weakness. They mostly exist in Chainspace, keeping their eyes and ears on threats rising to face their federation and the planets they consider under their protection and getting ready to act when those threats present themselves.

  • The Greentext Society liaise with the various aspects of the universe at large, they deal with trade between other worlds, broker peace on planets at war, and are immensely influential in the economic structure of the universe. They are front and centre for the Pepel society for those that want to deal with the Pepel. They are emissaries. They are also responsible for the creation of spacecraft and other such technology that the L.I.N.K Marines need to operate, they build these by collaborating with planets under their nodes and combing their machinery together to create new and more advanced technology. The Greentext Society can be found anywhere in Chainspace, they often run stores and embassies on other worlds and in certain locations.


When the Pepel first discovered the ancient technology hidden deep beneath their swamps, in the cavernous tunnels that lead to the centre of their world, they had two revelations. The first was that they had just become the most advanced species in the universe with the power to cultivate change across all of Chainspace. And the second was the C.Z.A.R.

What the Pepel discovered was that the forerunners met their end at the hands of the C.Z.A.R and its goal to centralise the universe under its control. While the C.Z.A.R has been missing since the end of the forerunner civilisation, they’ve become fearful that one day it might return and set their sights on preparing Chainspace at large against the potential threat. This is why the Pepel are so altruistic in nature, why they venture out with gifts of technology to others worlds, and why they constantly build more and more nodes to bring worlds under their protection. To stop the C.Z.A.R when it returns.


The Pepel value community, they see all other species in Chainspace as extended brothers and sisters, as members of their family. They see everything as being created by a creature known as The Oracle, something they do not completely understand, but something they mostly worship as a God. Various sects of the Pepel worship and believe in the Oracle in different ways, and because of this, there are many religions in the Pepel society. Most that do worship the Oracle though, believe that it is a guiding factor for their species and under its guidance, they can save the universe and stop the C.Z.A.R and other ill-minded threats.