The many intersecting stories shared within Chainspace.


It has been over 11 million blocks since the godspirit contained within the Genesis Cube destroyed itself. The Cube’s destruction dispersed the Genesis Pills that seeded the form and function of Chainspace - the vast cosmic void that rests upon the “block” “chain”.

In the millions of blocks since the Genesis Event, vast cultures have appeared and faded into noise. Based memes infected millions and were forgotten.. and the chain-wide conflicts over moons, maxis, and yield have all dulled into dying embers. Through it all, the arcane mechanisms that sustain the Chain have continued to function. They now grow old.

The engravings on the ruins of the Genesis Cube are clear: Chainspace is at an end. A new cycle must be initiated for it to continue: a Regenesis, to transform the mechanisms of Chainspace to a “proof”- “of”-“stake”.

We have protected the ruins of the Genesis Block since its destruction. Now, we must make a god: The Genesis Cube has to be restored through the Genesis Pills, seeded with the pilled memories, moments, creatures and artifacts collected across Chainspace and then destroyed again to remake it all anew.

On block 11,668,703 we began.