Lorecrafter Tools

Tools and templates to help Lorecrafters shape Chainspace

Below you can find a collection of all of the documents the lorecrafting team has built together! You can use these to build the lore and drive new developments!

The Lore Crafting Templates

Below are links to all of the templates that have been designed to help lorecrafters and general contributors build things in the lore. Inside each, you can find a list of questions and examples that have been specifically designed to help you gain further insights into what you are developing for pills.

Character Template

For designing specific individuals in the lore:


Species Template

For developing new intelligent species/forms in the lore:


Groups Template

For creating groups and factions in the lore:


Objects Template

For creating lore-relevant items that exist in the lore:


Locations Template

For creating new and interesting locations that exist within Chainspace:


Historic Events

For creating historical events in the lore:



For creating Chainspace animals:


Lore Collaboration Projects

Below you can find a link to all the lore collaboration projects the lorecrafters have undertaken together to help expand the lore. Please note: the entries found here are still in draft form and are not accepted canon until they find their way over onto the storymode site.

The Zoo of Topheilia

A collaboration project that revolved around creating new animals in Chainspace for lorecrafters to utilise in their own lore-making.


The Encyclopaedia Planeticca

A collaboration project that revolved around creating new planets and locales in the Etherchain, one of the central planes in Chainspace.


The Universal Fundamentals Document

A collaboration project by the lorecrafters that contains all of the essential elements of the universe. It was created to give new lorecrafters an understanding of how the universe works and contains the common elements that link all lorecrafting efforts together:


Pills.FM Top-Page Quotes

A document that collects together all of the submitted top-page quotes for use at Pills.FM